Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How do I funtcion?

After making dinner tonight, I am left thinking How did I make it this far in life? How do I function daily?
I attempted to make Sautéed Kale & Brussels Sprouts with Bacon for dinner. I know, pretty awesome. I was going to take pictures to show my "adventure" but it went downhill quickly, and to save you the pain there will be only one photo.

The Kale salad when finished was yummy stuff. If you like Kale.
Fail 1. I cut myself while trying to chiffonade the Kale.
Fail 2. I dumped a good portion of my minced garlic on the floor.
Fail 3. I then burnt the rest of the garlic.
Fail 4. This is a good one, I made peanut Vermicelli saute....which will now be known as I didnt know one could make something that tastes like cat puke looks. Yeah. I'm sorry.
Fail 5. Wash it down with a protein shake? HELL NO. do I look stupid? (dont answer that)

ANYWAY, after all that, I'm thinking maybe a taco for dinner?

1 comment:

  1. Hmm. Perhaps you should start off with trying to make a PB&J sandwich? Surely you cant cut yourself with a butter knife.




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