Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Post Wedding Update

Our photographer John Bogannam sent us some of the photos from the wedding! our 1950's theme went off without a hitch. The day turned out to be amazing! the sun came out finaly and the rain disappeared.

We arrived at noon, and the caterer was already on site setting up. David Alan Catering pretty much ruled our wedding with an amazingly fresh and hot BBQ, and that 50's kitsch. Our guest"book" was actually a print of a tree, and we had everyone leave their thumb prints.
Teal and white balloons filled the ceiling. Tables with red and white check cloth lined the floor. I did some wood burning for the center pieces.

Here is a link to the rest of the photos!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

You always go home....

Before I left to come back to Canada, we went on one more adventure. Back to an old familiar place, and the place where I first learned of UE. It is amazing how much things can change within a year. How many people have come and gone in these empty places, and the amount of decay they can ruin. A beautiful place, destroyed beyond its melting, peeling beauty...left a shell of trash and spray painted tags. Despite the sadness, we did see a new building, one that has remained fairly untouched. It is truly amazing to see that these buildings left alone by people...windows broken, doors pushed in, pipes bursting....they survive, things as large as hurricanes.

Here are a few photos I took (once I got my camera working again) as always there are more on my flickr

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sorry for being MIA as of recently. After the wedding insanity dies down my mind has turned to the VISA insanity. I am all over the place trying to get everything together. Paperwork, clothes, hotels, food planning, and a bit of interview nervousness. I will probably not write much, but I will be throwing pictures up here as they come in.

I promise when the wedding images come through, I will throw some of them up here as well. Hopefully I will even get some time to talk a bit more about the day.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Not Fall

It may be transitioning from Summer to Winter, but it is not Fall...Its Pumpkin and Apple season!!! Apple Pie, Apple Tarts, Apple Cider, Apple donuts, Pumpkin pie, Pumpkin whoopie pies, Pumpkin donuts, Pumpkin spice lattes...Pumpkins & Apples.

I want to go apple picking and can things, bake things, and most importantly eat them. Aside from strawberry season THIS is the best season of the year.

Now excuse me I am drooling and must go distract myself from the thought of food.

Cheesy Crackers

I made Gluten Free Almost Cheeze-it's.
They are a bit salty (my bad hehe) but taste that weird cheesy cracker taste. I think next time I make them I may even skip the cheese all together and go straight to a salted cracker.


Simple stuff.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Challenged, More Days

Day Sixteen - What I ate.
The isnt happening today.

Day Seventeen - On The Shelf.
If you have been over to the house, seen pictures, or even remotely know Andrew and Brian this photo explains it all. Every Shelf in the living room is COVERED in 1. Star Wars collectables or 2. Simpsons collectables.

Day Eighteen - In My Bag.
Here is the run down: Prince Caspian ( I am reading he entire chronicles), A note book & pen, my iphone, 3 Baggu reusable bags, Benadryl Strips (doubles as a ponytail holder), chapstick, Car & house keys on Mount Royal University lanyard, Bobby pins & Spin pins, Inhaler.

This last photo is way over processed but in all honesty I dont care. For some reason the more photos I am taking for this "challenge" the less happy I am with what I am taking. Bleh.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Challenged, The Missing Link

Here is the missing number 15. Granted it is focused up close, it does show far away so it counts.
Day 15 - Far Away

Due to the fact we currently have company I probably wont post again until Sunday. Sorry folks.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Challenged, Day Elevn to Fifteen

Day 11 - Something Fun.
Whats more fun than a block that says FUN?

Day 12 - Close Up
A macro shot I took while getting the mail, it was a quick snap but I like it.

Day 14 - Flowers
The only flower left near the house. I shot this outside of the ground floor womans window...hopefully she did not think I was trying to sneak pictures of her HA!

Day 15 - Your Shoes.
It would appear as though my shoes have taken over the front door mat. The photo itself is over exposed (let in too much light when shooting), but the amount of texture I got out of the shoes made keeping the over exposure worth while.

Now you are probably wondering if I cannot count because I missed 13...or you did not even notice and just scrolled up to see if I was lying. I will post 13, 16, and 17 tomorrow because for some reason 13 just wouldnt do its thing today and I have to fix it before I can show it to you without feeling the need to hang my head in shame. I am a little surprised at how quickly the first 15 days have gone by, and may need to find myself another challenge to do once this is over....perhaps something to keep me snapping when in Montreal.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

hello again

I am sure you are all just dying to know where I have been...right?...right???

Although the storm passed by us in the night and we suffered little damage, the power went out the next day. WOMP WOMP. We wended up being without power until Tuesday evening. Needless to say we lost all of our food, however being powerless otherwise was not bad. We still had our gas stove working as well as hot showers so I was a happy little duck. I managed to read a book and a half, and didnt really miss the power much at all. Aside from constantly turning on light switches out of pure habit.

The power is on now, and both my camera batteries are dead. Once they are charged I will put up all of the photos from the challenge days I am missing...(hopefully by tomorrow night).

Thanks for the well wishes,
To those who have asked all the family up in Vermont made it through the storm and are doing well.
Photo by Andrew

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Challenged, Day Nine & Ten

The hurricane weather is killing me, a very large migraine means little explanation and writing on my photos today.

Day Nine - Faceless Self Portrait
This was taken completely by accident while taking another picture, Im not sure why but I dig it.

Day Ten - Something I made
I made this about 8 or 9 years ago in an art class. I made a casting of my hand and then used plaster paint and beads to make a 'prayer hand'

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