Tuesday, April 12, 2011

50's Wifey Experiment Time.

I decided after seeing 'Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles' (via: love and olive oil) that I would bite the bullet and give it a whirl.
I got everything ready...started to mix, and realized I was half a cup short of butter. *face palm*. After a quick trip to the store it was back to business. I beat the butter and sugar for 10 minutes so it was all fluffy. Also There is no chocolate chips in it, as Patsy and I dont like that part of chocolate chip cookies...plus we didnt have any and I wasnt going to the store again

There are no eggs, and I used rice milk. If you want to use a butter (and chocolate) replacement the entire thing would be dairy free. I did however make it completely gluten free!!!! and for once that didnt make it suck!

Thanks to Marjorie, who I have now decided is my BBF (best baking friend) I managed to melt the chocolate to dip the hard balls of dough into. All in all I think I did a pretty rad job.

Now I am exhausted and need sleep so if you want some let me know, as I have a lot.

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