Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Douglas Walker 2010.

You were to say the least one of my favorite people I have ever known. I know we didn’t get to spend years getting to know each other, but we didn’t need years. You were loud, opinionated, and funny as hell…in your own words a “bossy bigmouth”. Im pretty sure that is why we got along so well. i fell asleep last night thinking about all of the times we had together, our daily walks from our cars, our coffee breaks, sitting next to you while you sushed everyone including Trish because we would be laughing to hard for you to hear the lessons. I think my favorite is still when we sat in class and you went to ask a question but instead of saying Tangential you announced Tangenitals…we never let you live it down. The sad part is that I knew during our last hurrah it would be the last time I would see your face. I had hope that you would last through the summer, so I could be at your funeral…but in a way I am glad you are gone now. You were always at peace with the fact you were going to die, I think it was your immense faith in Buddhism. At least now you are not in any pain, and you can stop worrying about the people around you. I wish I could be there for you this saturday, but I promise I will do something special for you here.

I love you and will never forget you,
You would have been an amazing social worker to say the least.

I got a memorial tattoo for Douglas today at Three Kings in Brooklyn. I think it is very fitting.

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