Saturday, July 31, 2010

How we Met

Andrew and I met, I think it was October? last year....
We both have a blog on another network which combines blogging with social networking. We had been linked to each others blog through mutual friends. Anyways one day when bored we started chatting on AIM, needless to say we got along amazingly. Andrew was shy, funny, and had crazy facial hair that made me smile. We ended up talking pretty much on a daily basis. As cheesy as it may sound we would talk ever night, until we both fell asleep. As it was I had plans to go visit my friend Jess, and through a course of events ended up staying with Andrew instead. As most of you know it was during the week I was down here that we fell even more in love and Andrew asked me to marry him. Going back home to Calgary was hard as it meant we left each other, but we did what needed to be done, and I went home to finish out my first year. We still talked daily, only now we talked 3-5 times per day, and began to Skype every night we could.

So that brings us to now. I am here in Connecticut, still in love and happy. Planning to get married in September, and again in 2011.

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