Monday, July 26, 2010

Ding dong the bells are gunna chim

We have decided to get married September 5th in Calgary. This will be part one of our two part wedding. In the long run, it makes it easier for Andrew and I to be together. I love him, and he loves me...that helps too. It will be small, and more than likely be held at my house. Im excited. I wont have a traditional dress for this one but I will have a dress. The one in Connecticut will be bigger as Andrew has a ton of friends and family.

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  1. Well well well... Congratulations Sweetie!!! I am kinda shocked that it came up so fast, but I do know you guys will be an awesome couple :) YAHOO!

    Now I do have 'one' bone to pick with you... I leave for Belgrade on the 4th... Thhhhhpt!! :P I think you planned that so I didn't have a chance to see if he was worthy of you!!!! LOL j/k...

    Any ways, I will be in Calgary to harass the hell out of you guys on the 3rd.. so look out girl...LOL

    Love and hugs!!!


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