Thursday, September 1, 2011

hello again

I am sure you are all just dying to know where I have been...right?...right???

Although the storm passed by us in the night and we suffered little damage, the power went out the next day. WOMP WOMP. We wended up being without power until Tuesday evening. Needless to say we lost all of our food, however being powerless otherwise was not bad. We still had our gas stove working as well as hot showers so I was a happy little duck. I managed to read a book and a half, and didnt really miss the power much at all. Aside from constantly turning on light switches out of pure habit.

The power is on now, and both my camera batteries are dead. Once they are charged I will put up all of the photos from the challenge days I am missing...(hopefully by tomorrow night).

Thanks for the well wishes,
To those who have asked all the family up in Vermont made it through the storm and are doing well.
Photo by Andrew

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