Friday, September 2, 2011

Challenged, Day Elevn to Fifteen

Day 11 - Something Fun.
Whats more fun than a block that says FUN?

Day 12 - Close Up
A macro shot I took while getting the mail, it was a quick snap but I like it.

Day 14 - Flowers
The only flower left near the house. I shot this outside of the ground floor womans window...hopefully she did not think I was trying to sneak pictures of her HA!

Day 15 - Your Shoes.
It would appear as though my shoes have taken over the front door mat. The photo itself is over exposed (let in too much light when shooting), but the amount of texture I got out of the shoes made keeping the over exposure worth while.

Now you are probably wondering if I cannot count because I missed 13...or you did not even notice and just scrolled up to see if I was lying. I will post 13, 16, and 17 tomorrow because for some reason 13 just wouldnt do its thing today and I have to fix it before I can show it to you without feeling the need to hang my head in shame. I am a little surprised at how quickly the first 15 days have gone by, and may need to find myself another challenge to do once this is over....perhaps something to keep me snapping when in Montreal.


  1. love the shoes shot!
    a girl can never have enough shoes....

  2. Just do what I did. Get some Ikea shelves and display all your shoes right next to the Husbands toys. They want toys and so do we :)

  3. man if we had a place to put some sort of storage thing I would be all over it...alas we do not.


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