Saturday, July 10, 2010


(I will post a few more picture Sunday)

We headed up to Vermont this week, Morrisville to be exact...its about 20 minutes outside of Stowe (home of the VonTrapp Lodge) I got to meet the family, Pictured bellow with names.
They are really nice people, and I had a great time. We ate at four places: Michael's, Magnolia, Harrison's, and The Shack. Food included, breakfast, Salmon, Lobster, Lamb, and hotdogs....we know which one I liked the best hahaha.

Ended up going swimming in the river with Andrew, Beca, and Toby (the dog) which was interesting, given we all know the fear that runs in the family of water when you cant see the bottom. Oh and did I mention there were Crawdads!!!Anyway, the next day we Andrew his Dad and I went to a legit pool and had a smidge of a swim. The weather was in the 30's for the entire stay up there, and we were hoping for a storm as it would have been awesome to see coming over the mountains but it did not happen. HOWEVER Andrew and I were sitting on the deck one night and there was heat lightening...Im pretty sure we both pee'd our pants a little when it hit because it was a flash ball that came outta no where.
Yeah so besides that and having our few meals at the parents house we had a great time. Lots of hospitality and they both so nice to me :) No worries there hehe.

Left to right, Rebecca (sister) Reone (mom) Dick (dad) Andrew (mine) and honorable mention to the very lovable Toby the dog.

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