Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blow things up, its America Day!

1. This is his unimpressed face...I am good at getting him to make it...I was probably singing Lady Gaga or something....
2. This is a pretty fire work picture the mister took. BOOM!
3. I am a professional trust me...okay I suck and cut off half his head.
4. I very much love this picture.....I had to yell at him to stand still as he kept moving around. Sheesh.

*Anywhoodle. We went to the highschool and picked out a spot in which to sit at around 6pm. I had made us a picnic including salads, pasta, drinks, and surprise cracker jacks (mmm). We then proceeded to sit around and hate on every other person there because people are dumb and loud and obnoxious, just like their children. Around 9:30 the fire works started to go off. They were pretty, however not super impressive...I will blame it on the fact the city didnt give them as much money this year. I am also now curious of the environmental impact of fireworks after seeing all the smoke after the works. We had a good time and came home to fall asleep as per usual.

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