Sunday, May 16, 2010


I got to go to target! I know, its kind of sad how excited it made me but whatever. We were going to go garage sale hunting (tag sale...funny Americans) but seeing as we were up super late the night before we slept in and missed most of the good ones. Have no fear we went to Target :) I got a purdy dress and some espadrilles...oh did I mention my fairly new American Eagle sunglasses broke? Yeah, I was very I bout a new pair of shades, a grill and some random things later and I love Target. The one in Bethel is very pretty and clean! haha
After a semi quick walk through the park, and some random groceries at Stop and Shop we ended up back at home. Joe and Cassandra came over for some hot dogs and burgers. It was awesome getting to know them better, and I was less socially awkward than I was at 'Cousin Larrys'. I am starting to see why Lindsey likes having people get together and making food...even though I didnt cook. (I cleaned)

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