Sunday, May 16, 2010


Thursday night after Andrew got home from work we went to a place called 'cousin larrys'. A good friend of Joe put together a benefit concert for him at the bar, and pretty much everyone Andrew talks about was there. I got to meet a ton of people, and saw Andrew play live for the first time in a stripped down version of Morningside (one of his bands). It was an all around awesome night and Joe managed to get a good chunk of change to help with the surgery bills and such.

I'm really glad Andrew has such good friends...although everyone, and I mean everyone tells me he is an awesome/amazing/super guy, and I am pretty sure in horror movies this is when they turn into axe murders bahahahahahahaha just kidding. Molten Java, Bethel CT. photo by John Bogannam

Older photo but he is mine so I can spam. haha

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