Monday, September 5, 2011

Challenged, More Days

Day Sixteen - What I ate.
The isnt happening today.

Day Seventeen - On The Shelf.
If you have been over to the house, seen pictures, or even remotely know Andrew and Brian this photo explains it all. Every Shelf in the living room is COVERED in 1. Star Wars collectables or 2. Simpsons collectables.

Day Eighteen - In My Bag.
Here is the run down: Prince Caspian ( I am reading he entire chronicles), A note book & pen, my iphone, 3 Baggu reusable bags, Benadryl Strips (doubles as a ponytail holder), chapstick, Car & house keys on Mount Royal University lanyard, Bobby pins & Spin pins, Inhaler.

This last photo is way over processed but in all honesty I dont care. For some reason the more photos I am taking for this "challenge" the less happy I am with what I am taking. Bleh.


  1. I feel the same way. I think its honestly the decrease in quality subjects. I'll finish the damn thing though. Let me know if you find another good one :)

  2. I totally gave up on this. I can't keep up with work and all the new government hoops I have to jump through.

  3. I kinda gave up too, just lost my groove...tired of taking pictures of things I dont enjoy and seemed a bit like I was just ding it just to do it not to learn. BLEH. I dont blame you for dumping it, you sound busy


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