Thursday, August 18, 2011

Challenged, Day One

A few friends have started a 30 day photo challenge for themselves (Jess, Z., Krystal). Seeing as I would like to get more adept at photography and learn a little more about how I do and what I do, it was only natural I just on board the wagon.

I started yesterday but after 24 hours and nothing but disdain for every picture I took, I decided to have myself a little bit of a mulligan and restart today.

this is a list of what to expect over the next 30 days, feel free to call me out if I slack.Without further adieu here is my Day One - Self Portrait

(blogger seems to be making the photo look a little, well, crappy in quality so click the image to enlarge it if you wish)


  1. Thats crazy that blogger is making it look so grainy. Not sure why its doing that. I clicked the for enlarged image though and I love it :)

    And since we've started on the same day, maybe we keep keep on eachothers arses about it ;)

  2. I know I did a double take, I thought for a second something was wrong with my vision.

    I will yell at you all you need haha ;)


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