Monday, July 18, 2011

Paddle Boat Resort

Sunday we went on another adventure with Joe. When we got there we met with a few other Urbex kids and set off. It was a long day of walking, with no cloud in sight and the sun out in full force. Eventually we hit the river, and the boys took full advantage of the paddle boats that had been left behind. We also hit up a BBQ joint after we left because we were all starving. I must say, I would drink the bbq sauce they had if I could, but instead drenched my beef brisket on a bun with it. YUM.

Opened in the 1930's by Ted Halton, the resort took in 60,000 guests annually.

It has been said that Ted Hilton committed suicide on the property and could be heard and seen in certain areas such as Campbell Hall or The Folly. Many 'ghost hunters' also make note that children and footsteps can often be heard by the miniature golf area.

Cults would gather in the area to witness the "Moodus Noises" said to be a way of communicating with the god Hobomock. The Algonquins termed the noises Matchimoodus meaning "place of the bad noises" as the god Hobomock was considered an evil deity.

Being one of the last resorts remaining in the area, the Environmental Protection Agency purchased the resort in 2008. Currently it sits abandoned and overgrown with foliage, and no plan for its future in sight.

You can look at more of my photos on Flickr.
Andrew images will probably be up by early next week, as he is a little behind in editing.


  1. cool pictures! no picture of the yummy bbq couldn't wipe your fingers long enough to take a picture....hahaha

  2. Nope. I was much to busy shoving anything that resembled food into my mouth. haha


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