Saturday, July 2, 2011


I am reaching into the internet to find recipes. Yummy food, from ingredients that are easy to find and decently priced. I already have some, but I need more more more!

So, I am asking you, the people of the internet to comment and send me your links to favorite food blogs, recipes, and whatnot.


  1. Hamburger fried rice, chili, chicken surprise, green chili chicken, tacos, black beans and rice, homemade pizza, stuffed shells, homemade soup, chicken fingers, stir fry, hamburger macaroni, hoison chicken and rice noodles, lettuce wraps, hamburger sandwiches, stroganoff, anything in the slow cooker. That's all I have for now - I gotta go eat a Timbit. Yum. XOXO

  2. Is there a main that the two of you like/prefer? Like chicken, duck, lamb, beef... that sort of thing? I have a ton of recipes stored already, but I can gather some blog links as well. Although I dont remember which blogs I got from you, so there may be repeats :)

  3. Usually its beef or chicken, I love love love fish too so salmon is high up on the list haha

  4. I didnt forget about this Niki... we've both been crazy sick and not online much. As well as packing. I'll try to put together an email for you within the week :)


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