Monday, June 20, 2011

Away I Go.

Over the last weekend, I told my friends and family that I was going. I didn't really expect it to hit me as hard as it did. I have known all along that this was what Andrew and I were working towards, and it is what I want. It just struck me that I am not only leaving all my stuff behind, but I am in a sense leaving my family. Anyone who knows us, knows we are very tightly knit...and slightly dysfunctional in all the best possible ways ☺

This is not to say that I wont be back and visit, or that I wont be calling, emailing, or skyping....don't worry though despite distance, I will still be around enough to harass you all.

I wanted to send a little shout out to Krystal for giving me a much needed "you're not crazy" via email, thank you ❤


  1. I was getting worried when I didnt hear anything back from you. The next chapter in your life awaits you *hugs*

  2. We will all miss you lots too, but very happy you are starting a new life with your husband :) West Jet will be my best friend now! you will have to show me how to post a comment properly before you go though.

  3. I am assuming Anon is Patsy...actually not so much assuming as I stalked you. You commented right haha just add your name at the end so I dont have to stalk next time ;)


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