Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Adventures of Hubsand.

The other weekend Andrew went camping with a few friends and did some more urbex. Ruins and decay are quickly becoming an obsession worthy of photos, and this trip was no exception.The area they went exploring in has been known as "the Borsch Belt" and catered to a lot of Orthodox and Hasidic Jews, among others. Guests such as Michael Skorr frequently visit and stayed in what Andrew has called "The Carebear inn".

Despite time having passed, it seems the lovely 1970's styling of mismatched patterns and foil wallpapers have held their own. With outside interest in the natural sulfur springs and declining attendance the last two hotels closed their doors in 2004.

To see more of Andrews pictures you can go to Flickr, or to purchase any you can head over to RedBubble.

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