Friday, June 3, 2011

1950's wedding

As some of you know Husband and I are getting married, again. This time in Connecticut so his friends and family can attend, as well as some people we love from the internet. Diane over at Faye & Co. was amazing enough to put some invites together for us, and we absolutely LOVE them! If you are ever in need check out Faye & Co! My cellphone picture does not do these justice.

(I erased the location off the card, just in case lurkers be lurking)


  1. I'm lurking.

    I don't have a passport AND I wasn't invited.

    Sad face.

  2. Hey now.
    I invited you, jerk.
    You said you didn't want an invitation because you weren't coming.

    Stop sad facing and go hug Harold.

  3. Yeah SIL. We'd love to have you attend! GO get your passport :p

  4. The invites are stunning. I'm keeping it forever, lol.

  5. Love this! And thanks for letting me know where you blog now! (sparklyofmyveryown)


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