Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bronx zoo...ontinued finally.

Lo-down on my experience at the Bronx Zoo. It was really pretty, and thankfully slightly overcast so it didnt smell of animal feces. (lol feces). We spent4 or 5 hours wandering around seeing the different animals. Unlike Calgary's zoo it had much more variety and the animals actually looked happy and healthy. For lunch I feasted upon a hot dog and fries, whilst Andrew had a burger and fries. I made Andrew go on the Bug Carousel with me....I say made but I am pretty sure he was equally as excited as I was to get to ride. We also went on the monorail through Asia....funny how I didn't expect Asia to be full of deers but I guess it is. After all the walking and such I bought a small stuffed monkey as he was cute, and also an orange drink...I didnt enjoy that as much (should stuck to reliable Pepsi).

Then we drove back to Ridgefield and crashed, Andrew with sore legs and me with a migraine. All in all cute zoo, nice day, super expensive to get in but I guess its worth it in the end ;)

Click Here for a picture of the bug carousel

Click Here for a picture of the monorail

OH! and did I mention I fed some goats?? yep I did....I was trying to feed the black one, and apparently his friend the white goat didn't approve so he punched me with his hoof in the boob. Yep I got punch by a goat. I will post a picture of the aforementioned goat once Andrew sends it to me.(Also goats have crazy eyes)

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