Friday, May 7, 2010

Patsy and I on our way to the airport in Calgary

Andrew and I at the airport in New Jersey.

So far everything has been going good. Yesterday was pretty relaxed as Andrew had the day off. We ended up going for a walk around Ridgefield, and then coming back home to clean out his over flowing closet (I thought I had a lot of clothes). Ate some Gluten free pizza and watched Blade Runner.

Not much super exciting, but its nice and sunny so I am happy :) I am going to go to the farmers market today and pick up some fruits and veggies hopefully, and find some plants/herbs for the window box. The mister is working till 10 so it should be a fairly quiet day....just me and the kitties. Sue is being clingy, and Cooter is just staring at me as per usual.

Random thing I found out yesterday....boy cats have nipples.....I dont know why this surprises me but it does, it also freaks me out a little, not gunna lie.

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