Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday Day!

Andrew's birthday is today :) and his day off.
We spent the morning eating pancakes and bacon, while watching 'how to steal a million', and then I decorated and made cone cakesThe ones I made however did not look like this :/
oh well. taco bake for dinner, followed by 'The dark crystal', and now its bed time.

ooooh Yesterday!...I forgot about yesterday.
We went to a concert a someplace called The Space, it seemed very coffee house ish. A hipster looked at me and called me a hipster...I think that means I win. Anyways...David Bazan was playing and he is very goooooood. I got to meet Andrews friends Jay and Austin, both of which are super cool and said I could go to the Elephants Trunk Bazaar with them if I wanted. Any ways google David Bazan if your interested...its good stuff, and I am too lazy right now to find a link...maybe tomorrow.


  1. First off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andrew!! Hope you had a great day eating cone cakes and pancakes...LOL

    Second... Thanks for posting your stuff Nik :) Good to see you are doing good, and having fun!!

  2. Happy Birthday Andrew! It's the best month to have a birthday ;)

    Great photos Nik :)

    *hugs* to both of you


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